101 Mixed Media Techniques online class


101 mixed media techniques is an online class that consists of tips, instructions and projects related to mixed media art. Everything from painting techniques, textural and surface applications, making a total of 20 handmade canvases, making your own paint applicators, handmade journals, making your own art supplies, making your own paints, adhesives, easel and much more...


I love recycling....so a big part of this class makes creative use of recyclable materials and everyday items, like cardboard, cereal boxes, magazines and junk mail....you will also need store bought adhesives, gel medium, acrylic paints, masking tape, crayons and scrap fabrics...just to name a few.


*Registration means that you always have unlimited access to this class.... 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Work at your convenience....ALWAYS. 

*The videos are in high definition (HD), so a high speed internet connection is recommended for smooth and uninterrupted viewing. 

*I provide you with high value and high content video instructions to get you started creating right away.

*The class and all the video instructions are posted and contained in a private Google site that you sign in to. After you register, I will send you an invitation to join the private site within 48 hours.  

The video instrutions are self-guided and easy to follow. I demonstrate every project from start to finish.

The videos are NOT downloadable and are only visible within the private site.  

Once you log into the site, you will have unlimited access to the class ALWAYS and at your convenience.

*This is a perfect class for both the beginner and advance student*

Cost: 50.00

No refunds or exchanges